Monday, September 15, 2014

Back from Vacation

Hello! Just wanted to let you know I'm back from vacation. Right now I'm nursing a cold and trying to get better before my class later this week. I really, really want to learn the Buggy Barn crazy piecing method from a local teacher. So I'm resting a relaxing to make sure this cold goes buh-bye before class day....

Speaking of which, I was saddened to learn that the ladies of the Buggy Barn will be closing their store. I'm debating on whether to take a road trip out there one last time. With my growing appreciation for traditional quilting, I will miss their colorful fabrics --  the variations of homespuns and traditional quilting cottons, and their cute and clever patterns. I want to stock up on thier pattern books for sure!

To be honest, I know that all good things must come to an end sometime. I wish these ladies well on their next adventure.

Vacation was wonderful. To read about that. stop by my "regular" blog here. We took a week-long cruise to Alaska from Seattle. I confess, I didn't visit any quilt shops while I was there, but  I almost have a row of my Diamonds in the Sky project done! That makes me one happy lady.

In the meantime I'll be dosing up on vitamin C and Vietnamese Pho. I will be sure to share my class progress with you. And if I decide to say goodbye to the Buggy Barn in person, I'll be sure to take y'all along!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Projects in Progress -- Labor Day Catchup

Good afternoon!

I'm taking it easy today. I'm home tackling Mount Laundry and catching up on podcasts and documentaries. Boy howdy... Do I know how to live an exciting life or what???

Modern Unrest Progress Report: Friday and Saturday saw me at the local firehouse community room for a guild sew-in. And I'm excited times eleventy thousand!!!!! I finally finished all 24 of my nine-1 x 2 flying geese units. Yes, I'm dancing the happy dance. Next up are the 45 3" nine patch units. I have two made... 43 to go! Wheeeeee!

Diamonds in the Sky Progress Report: My jelly roll came in and I have four rows sorted and ready to begin. I'll be unplugging next week and am planning on making major progress on this project. My goal is to get to row 10 or 11 by Halloween, and then finish the top by New Year's Eve.

So that leads to the next item on my post agenda. I'll be unplugging later this week for a week or so. This is a good thing. I just need a rest and want to take in some scenery. I promise, I'll be back. Just a lot of fun stuff going on behind the scenes.

Until then, have fun!!!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Bad Girl

Yep, that's me... Bad girl... Remember me saying earlier this year, "I will work from my stash... not buying any more fabric" How many of you laughed their fannies off at that?

I don't know what has come over me, but I've been shopping for fabric like a crazy woman! My poor hubby has boxes of stuff to tote home from the mailbox. I got three (three!) packages today! I promise... I'll be better. LOL!

Well, one jelly roll and the yardage is spoken for (Diamonds in the Sky project extras, binding, and backing). Then there was daily deal from Missouri Star that I just *had* to buy... Love 30's repros and you know I wouldn't ship just one little old charm pack. I had to make that order worthwhile and pop in a jelly roll (Bee my Honey). LOL!

Then there was this luscious bundle of traditionasl I ordered from The Fabric Pantry Etsy shop. Look at how incredibly cute these little bundles were packaged!!!!!! And let me tell you, she had that order "shipped" almost just after my finger left the purchase key. LOL! That arrived lickety split! I don't have plans for this yet, but I just loved the luscious colors (Party of Twelve by Marcus Brothers). Robin sure makes up a pretty package! It made me feel so special!

(bats eyelashes)

My car is in the shop for maintenance and a detail, so I'm car-less tomorrow. That means time in the sewing room. Yay!

My goal is to get as many of the remaining twelve flying geese units done as I can. I really want to finish this Modern Unrest quilt top up. I also have a guild sew date on Friday, so I'm looking forward to that. Hoping I can finish it by the end of the day Friday. That may be pushing it. We'll see... It takes me 45 minutes to sort/and piece each unit of nine geese.That's a lot of time (9 hours of sewing time). Then I need to re-piece my cornerstone units and make the ninepatch blocks. For a small 35" quilt, it takes a lot of work. Then comes the, "How do I quilt this?" thing. Much to think about.

Lots going on behind the scenes, but not a whole heckova lot to show for it except fabric...

(8/26 update: Bad girl continues... Didn't get around to sewing at all today. Kitchen work won out.)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

State of Unrest

Hello! I am alive! Right now I'm buried under a mound of stuff in my messy studio. While many would call it a mess, I call it a creative storm. (I know it's really a mess) Yep, I need a good day to put stuff away. I've made several large fabric purchases recently in preparation for the winter doldrums. I plan on counteracting the gray by working in the studio. Having good full-spectrum lighting will help beat the winter blues.

I also have a new addition to my studio. I recently bought a cute piece of art at a nearby gift shop to go with my dammit doll. Makes me smile! And if I have my way, that vending machine would be filled with junk food. LOL! Hey, at least I'm honest!

I also made some more progress on Modern Unrest. I expect to finish more today. Yay for progress! Next weekend is a two day sew-in with the guild. That means even more progress. Who knows, if I put the pedal to the medal on this one, I might get it done!

Speaking of progress, I spent yesterday organizing my Diamonds in the sky hand-piecing project. I am officially halfway through piecing the top. I've got the remaining rows sorted and bagged up for transport. I'll be taking this project with me on our upcoming Alaskan cruise, so you should see some major progress on this project in the near future. I've set another goal to get four rows done by Halloween. I want the top done by New Year's Eve. After that I'll decide on whether to quilt it by machine or hand.

I've purchased several more books. I need to spend a day with some post-it flags and start flagging projects to copy and kit up. Oh, to have infinite time!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sometimes you need an overcast day

Seattle is having an overcast day. And I gotta say that it's welcome in my house. Today is one of those days that is perfect for crawling into bed to read a good book, sitting with a pile of quilt magazines (old and new), or browsing Pinterest.

Speaking of books, I've been on a book binge.These are my most recent purchases, and I have a few more on the way. I've done a cursory look through on all of these books and they look like they are great jumping off points for inspiration. I am especially loving the "Little Quilts" book!

We won't discuss my fabric purchases recently (ahem!). Yes, some fabric is coming, too! I've been crushing on that new Cotton +Steel stuff and Fat Quarter Shop had a good deal of the day today (and it's perfect for their Fat Quarter Fizz quilt pattern). Bad girl!

Lots of stuff is going on behind the scenes, housework, busywork, guild work, weekend trips, meetings are on my agenda.

I have gotten a great start on Modern Unrest. I spent Monday sub-cutting my fabric into triangles to make it easy to paper-piece the flying geese units. It was in the upper 90s here (no AC) and it was the perfect activity for sitting in front of the fan. LOL! Over the first few days I got the 16 square in a square cornerstones done as well as three or four flying geese units (two shown above). I'm not real nutty about the cornerstone units. Might have to redo those. I have 24 flying geese units to make, so I have a good start on those.

Tonight is the Seattle Modern Guild meeting. I've missed a couple of meetings. Looking forward to it. I always get inspired by the show and tell.

All is well, just been quiet.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wired Quilting

I am in the process of creating a workshop about wired quilting -- how to leverage your computer and the internet to further your scope, creativity, and process. Thinking about it, there are tons (I mean TONS) of resources out there for us quilters.

As a result of this plethora of resources we no longer have an excuse to say, "I can't do that".

This was a subject I pondered on while going through my mojo slump. Bound and determined to get out of it, I turned to education to get me back into the swing of things. It amazes me how many educational resources there are online.

Just think of the possibilities...

That being said, I signed up for three more Craftsy classes today. That is one of my favorite online classroom formats. I love how you can go through and experience the class in your jammies all the way through, and then listen to it again and again to get the finer points and work as you go. I wont' tell you how many classes I have in my queue, but there are a lot.

We've come a long way.

Have you discovered any online classroom formats other than Craftsy? I haven't tried a Creativebug class yet, but I've heard good things about that platform as well.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Modern Unrest

Yesterday I cut the remainder of Modern Unrest, the second of a series of quilts (Civil Unrest was the first). I also printed out my foundation papers for the paper-pieced portion of the quilt. I don't trust my flying geese skills, hence the foundation piecing. This time I used the Carol Doak foundation papers on suggestion from some of my friends. I got some at my local Ben Franklin.

I'm hoping I have enough of the black and white text fabric. It may be close, as I don't have some subcuts done. Just the main cuts. I'm trusting the process and am just playing along with a positive attitude. I do have a few bits of fabric set aside if it's not enough. It took me all afternoon to get the black and white text fabric cut. I'll start on the flying geese today -- 24 sets of nine 1x2 flying geese units. That's a gaggle for sure!

Been having a few cravings lately. One was a craving for cookies. Made a batch of snickerdoodles last night. The two I had with this morning's coffee really hit the spot. Love the crisp buttery-cinnamon goodness.

I'm also craving chicken tetrazzini. Might have to make some of that as well. I'm not a huge leftovers person, but this is one dish I like leftover. There's something about the flavors of the baked pasta with chicken, mushrooms, celery, onion, bacon, green pepper, and a light veloute sauce topped with bubbly cheese. Maybe tomorrow. Ham sliders are on tonight's menu. Ya know, that version rolling around Pinterest. I'll pair this with a big veggie-packed salad.

Speaking of Pinterest, I've been pinning like a crazy woman lately. I go through spurts and gushes. This is one of my gush phases. I pick a category and obsess  pin inspirational photos. So for those of you who follow me, don't mind my manic pinning phase. LOL!

What are you working on? Do you have any cravings? What's your current inspirational obsession?