Monday, August 10, 2015

Still Breathing!

Hello! Just checking in to let y'all know I'm still breathing. With all this upheaval that comes from moving I'm not sewing. My studio is packed up and has been for quite some time.

With my waning sewing mojo going on, I decided to work in another media for a while to keep up my creativity and get my mojo back. It's working. I'm wanting to sew again. It just so happens that won't happen for a month or so, but I'm fine with that.

During this time I've been taking a journal book and working with that. I've got a (growing) shoebox of supplies and am doing pages based on gratitude. There are a lot of blessings in my life. And despite my temporary stressors, it's important to focus on the good.

I've also taken the newfangled method of planning by storm. Right now I have an A5 journal that serves as my portable planner, as well as a spiral bound planner for the household. Just the A5 alone has boosted my productivity by leaps and bounds. By using planners in a creative mode it helps me keep with the program. After all a creative mind needs to stay active.

Looks like moving day will be at the end of the month. I'm 90%+ packed (less essentials) and ready to go. In fact, I've got my first light week scheduled in a long time. I'm even taking the rest of the day today to read.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Blog Hiatus

Every bone and muscle in my body aches. I guess it's a good kind of ache because of why I'm in such pain. The offer we put on house #2 was accepted. This one looks very promising, so I've begun the war of packing. The studio is boxed up with the exception of a small shoebox full of paper crafting supplies. I need my creative outlet amidst the chaos of packing for a move.

To keep my sanity I created a gratitude journal from one of my Daiso A5 journals. I took out the cute printed cover and decorated the plain book. I confess that most of what I have in my shoebox was from a coordinated Listers Gotta List (July)kit I purchased from Cori, The Reset Girl. Each month she curates a kit for her Listers Gotta List peeps. I was lucky to procure one of the extras she had leftover. as of today her shop is closed for a day or so to catch up on orders. She'll be back open soon!

I'm going to try to take the time each day to journal in some way, shape, or form what I am grateful for that day. I need to remind myself of all the blessings God has given me.

This blog will go on hiatus for a while since not a whole lot is going on. You can keep up with me at my regular daily blog, Life In My Happy Place.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Stalled and Waiting

Creative stuff has stalled in a big way here. Too much behind the scenes. Need to pull back a bit and do some thinking.

The prior house didn't work out. Not upset whatsoever. It was mutual between both parties. It's all good. Found a new one the same day, made an offer and we are in the waiting game. That's about it. Packing is stalled. Right now I'm just enjoying some R&R time after a stressful couple of weeks.

But like I say it's all good. Just the guy upstairs reminding me of HIS plan and HIS time.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Great Big Catch-Up

Things started off crazy this month. I mean really crazy. We've been renting for the last few years as we were just so tired from moving and weren't ready to commit to the area. That plus our financial situation wasn't where I felt comfortable with regarding home ownership (I'm fairly conservative and debt adverse).  Recently our position has improved but we still weren't ready.

Then a house popped up, courtesy of a tip from a friend. This literally happened overnight... The showing, the pre-approval, the offer, and the declination of the offer. The seller chose two weeks of time versus a few thousand dollars. Yes, it's that tight of a market. Time sold out over money.

The cool thing was that we are now pre-approved and I got myself a pat on the back... Even though we didn't get the house. I literally got all our financials together within one hour! I had more on the ball than I thought I did! I learned that I'm quite hard on myself. So now I'm celebrating that game victory. Yessiree.

We are still looking, but are not chasing it like we did last weekend. Lol! Tomorrow we look at a home that is near a friend. It's on the hig end of the spectrum. We have done a drive by, but I want to see the inside and "feel" the house.

We have some misgivings about this housing market here. Things have grown so rapidly up here that it's a whole new ball game. My initial observations are that they're building new neighborhoods wherever they can find free land. That's all and well, but I'm not going to live in the swanky development smack dab in the hood. Prices are an issue too. Out east we could get a beautiful farm with lots of land for what we can buy a starter home for here. Distressing to say the least.

I've really gotta get back to my sewing. I don't want to lose that mojo. I'm thinking that if I can crank out some backs, get the corresponding tops quilted and see some finished products, I'd have more mojo.

So I may be spending some forced time in the studio next week. I'm thinking that if my feet go forward, my head will follow. I hope so.

With all the stuff going on last week, I finally got my organization mojo going. Finished my planner notebook. Made a few changes last week. I'm finding that modified bullet journaling/planning is the way to go for me. I spend 5-10 minutes at the beginning and end of the day to check off tasks and review what needs to get done. My systems allows for expansion, and so forth.

My current setup consists of the rolling small notebooks housed within a leather cover:
  • Monthly calendar
  • Bullet journal
  • List book
  • Journal/art journal
  • Books I've read list
  • Blank book for expansion. 
  • Pockets for pens, stickers, post-its
This system acts like a rolling to-do list, brain dump, and helps me keep track of books I've read. The first three items will be indexed for easy review. That way I know where the information is located. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Meet My Middle-Aged Brain

This old graying mare just ain't what she used to be... Memory-wise. I've been exploring planners and notebooks to serve as a helper and brain dump. Lately I've been feeling very scattered for lack of a better phrase and am needing some help in the memory department.

Sunday night I was so stressed out that I didn't remember what I did on Friday. Still can't remember. Oh well, must not have been exciting. Not sure if this the fog of menopause,or what. I'm enlisting helpers.

Enter my Brain Dori. That's her new name. I ordered this Dori cover from The Foxy Fix on Etsy. It's the Bay leather with extra room. (Kinda like a latte with extra room for whipped!) I love the soft leather and and the neutral color. I added on the stitching option as well as a monogram.

Getting this notebook ready has been an obsession with me. I made several inserts -- a month at a glance calendar

Daily task list

A folder for important papers with page markers (just in case)

A dashboard cover from a thank you card I received from my quilt guild (along with the button clip I made), and the other two sides of that dashboard

And a couple of gridded notebook inserts made from simple graph paper, card stock, and decorated.

One of which is a log book of books I've read. (I need to go through my kindle account and add books to the list)

I really like these two stickers I got from Sweet Kawaii Designs as freebies with my sticker order. Aren't they adorable?

The only thing I need to do is add my bill paying list for July, which I can print off and put in the pocket folder.

I'll have this to keep me on task and in order. Plus have some fun decorating it along the way. I also have my other two planners for some creative stuff. I need to exercise my creative juices.

Speaking of juices, I need to get some stuff in the crockpot. Got two pork butts to make carnitas. One for us, and the other is dinner for my friend. I'm paying her a visit tomorrow and brining dinner. Doing that and a bean salad recipe.

We are in the middle of a heatwave here. Temps in the upper 90s. No AC here, so I'll probably be spending time downstairs in the living room (relatively cooler), or at the library. I'll take my English paper piecing project with me, my headphones, and listen to a movie while I sew.

No big plans for the weekend. Hubby has a four day weekend. I'm sensing some major R&R.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


This has been a slow motion week. I've abandoned my "diet" for now. Things have been a bit discombobulated with me. I really have a ton of things to do, but just no motivation. Lately I've been doing some retail therapy, but I'll be honest -- it didn't work. I'm not depressed, but just distracted. Not a whole lot can grab my attention these days.

I know it's "just a phase" as mom used to say, but it's getting worse and worse. 

Hormones? Could be. I'm at that age when the change of life happens. Personally I think I've been at that age for over ten years if hot flashes are an indication. 

If I were to give myself advice, I'd say that "this too shall pass." I know that. I'd also say to write everything down and prioritize the list. Break each step into manageable pieces. Then focus a half hour each day on the steps, one at a time and revisit those steps again and again until they are done. If I have to, use a timer. 30 minutes is about all my attention span can handle right now on one task. 

Do I need a break? A change of venue? Not sure. This is just what's rolling around in my head lately.

As for the retail therapy, I've purchased several items. July will be declared a "no buy" month. Hubby has to pay off a layaway, and we need to pocket some bucks for our next trip east. Once you see my shopping list, you'll understand. I've been building my paper crafting collection from scratch. I've also ordered several things to house my collection, and I now have a good little corner to work on paper stuff. 

I purchased a Japanese Traveler's Notebook for me from Amazon. It came all the way from Japan! I'm going to re-gift it to hubby for his reloading/model-making shop. It holds 2-3 good sized inserts and it's more manly than girly. I have a more feminine one coming from Foxy Dori on Etsy. I can't wait until it arrives. I got the shipping notice today. 

Speaking of Etsy, I found several wonderful sticker shops. I've ordered twice from Stickeriffic. These are what I got. I'll be using them for journaling and my planner.

This was my order from Sweet Kawaii Designs. I'm still waiting for my other orders to come in. I love these two sticker vendors. They make really cute stuff!

Last night I attempted to fix my laptop. I'm still in the process of doing that. It's not working correctly and overheats, stalls, and is very slow. I pulled it apart, cleaned it, put it back together and I have three extra screws. And now my touchpad doesn't work. Just my luck! I'll be pulling it apart... Again. I may be purchasing a new one this week if it doesn't shape up. (Update: I fixed it and found homes for my leftover screws)

We have a heatwave going on out here. Temps should be in the 90s for a while. That's the umpteenth level of hell in Dante's Inferno for me. This gal does not do heat (see previous comments on hot flashes). On top of that we have no AC. Ugh. But I shall live. I always do. 

Hope your week is going well. Despite my challenges, it hasn't been too bad. Maybe I need to do some more retail therapy in the chocolate form... Like driving to See's for a big ole box of creams. (I'm a creams girl). Hmmmmm.... 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Mid June UpdateI'm excited!

Oops! I noticed in my photos that I haven't posted the bookmark I made for the swap. Here it is. This was made with two improv blocks from my Gwen Marston class last year. It's those four blocks I made in class. I just sewed them together by twos (one set for front; the other for back) and ironed it on some very heavy interfacing (timtex?), trimmed with a pinking blade and sewed on a cute button. Easy peasy,

I've yet to receive anything from either of my swaps, but then that is not why I do that. Plus my swap partners could be anywhere in the world. For the bookmark swap I chose to do international folks.

Yesterday while sewing with the ladies at Ben Franklin, I checked out the clearance section (and the regular price section -- gulp!) and found some treasures for my journaling planner. I'm excited! I know more will get marked down in July, as they have a huge sidewalk sale. But for now, I'm enjoying what I've got.

Today I'll be up in the studio finishing the cleaning. I'm tired of saying I'm going to do it and then not doing it. I have some quilty projects I need to pick back up and finish. That plus I will need to get my desk area into shape. My goal is to have that done by tonight so I can go get another mini bookshelf for my closet and work on the desk area. Quite doable.

I just downloaded an audio book that will likely keep my attention and help while away the task at hand. Gregg Olsen's The Girl in the Woods. Takes place up here. should be interesting to visualie the setting.