Monday, March 24, 2014

Choosing Fabric for Civil Unrest

I spent a day last week choosing fabric for the Civil Unrest project. I still need a few more blues in the traditional range, but I'm quite happy with my choices so far.

Here is the traditional range. Just need a couple more blues and I think I will be okay. I've got a good range of reds, cheddars, greens, and browns. The blues just need a tad bit of help.

And this is the modern range of fabrics. Yes, it's busy, but I think it'll pan out (at least I hope so!). I have a feeling I may be picking out more FQs from my stash for this.

Judging from the paper piecing work I did the other day, I'll likely follow that route for the flying geese. It's awesomely precise. And with that many flying geese in the project, I need precision.

I'll get my EQ7 work finalized and start from there. I'm excited to get moving on this quilt. How about you?


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

The modern stack makes my heart sing!!

Brandie said...

Ilove your fabric choices! I'm looking forward to see these quilts evolve.

Joy said...

How about me? I'm excited to see how the quilts turn out, I'm sure they will both be gorgeous. But I agree, "Yes" on more blues, since blue is my favorite color.

Joy said...

In looking at your fabric pics again, I realized something about myself. The only time I willingly chose orange/peach fabrics is for Halloween. Otherwise I run away from them. Totally! But I love orange in October. I'm glad you don't have that same tendency, I'm sure your quilts will be much more color-balanced than mine would be.