Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Facing One of My Fears

Today is confession time. A day that I confess that I have a fear. What is it you ask?


Surely I jest. Improv is just piecing as you go... It's quite simple.

I know, I know...

Hello...My name is Jean(ie) and I can't do improv.

On April 3, I'm going to get some therapy to relieve that fear. I'll be taking a class with none other than Gwen Marston, the queen of liberated (or improv) piecing.

I'm terrified. 

First off, I don't do classes well. With classes I usually sit in the room and soak up the lesson and watch everyone else. Then I want to take it home and fly with it in the comfort of my own space. That's my learning style.

I paid good money for this class and I want to get my money's worth.

I know this fear is very irrational. For me it's the torture of having a bi-functional brain. I'm split evenly on brain function between both the creative and analytical lobes in processing information and my environment. I have a tremendous imagination, but I also have a strong analytical reality check. It's a constant fight. Am I explaining it right?

So I'm thinking of how I can make this class go easier. Do I do a no-brainer thing like taking a bunch of scraps? If I use them up I won't care.  Or do I break into a treasured grouping like my Marcia Derse stuff to force me to continue with this journey? Or do I just go the safe route and use just solids?

Or do I drink a bottle of tequilla and let go? (Not really, but I may consider this an option... LOL! Not good for one who doesn't drink)

What to do....


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

When I first dove into improv piecing, I used scraps from a quilt I had just finished. I knew they all went together, so that pressure was off. Granted I didn't have big pieces in the end, so they ended up being zippered bags, but I love them. =)

I KNOW you can do this, but I hear you when it comes to sewing in private. I get all hung up on what other people are doing and I am sure theirs is so much better than mine. All nonsense, of course. I look foreword to hearing how it goes for you!!

Joy said...

I have never done improv piecing and I use both sides of my brain (according to those online tests, anyway) so I'm not sure what you'll decide but I would take a bunch of scraps and just play with them, figuring you can throw it away if you don't like it! But you probably WILL like it, I just wouldn't want to risk my favorite fabrics on something with that much uncertainty! I would rather use "expendable" fabric and relax and enjoy the process. Hugs!

Denise :) said...

I'd say go with the tequila, but it's not my style, either, so I hate to propagate it! I think Amy's got a good handle on the subject! Listen to her (not the tequila)!!! :)

Jeanna said...

I haven't tried it either, I will be anxiously watching to see how you do! Good luck!!

andsewon said...

I think to really get as much out of the class as possible take it all! Doing something new with 'help' can make a world of difference as to grasping an idea or technique. Just have fun loosen up and enjoy!