Monday, March 17, 2014

FARTing Along (Lots to see in this post!)

 Lots going on last week. Finally sitting down and enjoying MY day of rest before I start the fun all over again. I've got on my comfy clothes, no makeup, and just enjoying a day off (still doing laundry and cooking, but a  day off nonetheless.)

Thursday night's guild committee meeting went awesome! I love it when we get stuff done lickety split. 45 minutes in and out. Bing. Bang. Boom! I have the best group to work with. Today I'll send out the committee notes and I'll be done with that for couple of weeks.

We'll be presenting a block lotto block in April and I love the fabric choice. Our guild makes quilts for American Heroes and Camp Korey. And the fabric we chose is fun enough for both of our community service recipients. For block lotto we give them a chunk of focus fabric along with instructions on how to make the block. They add the secondary fabrics and bring them back. For each block made they get a chance to win a set of blocks to take home. I'm hoping some make their way to our Community Service Committee for our two organizations.

The sew day at the firehouse went well. I was finally able to photograph the Vintage Rehab project (both the large quilt and small matching doll quilt). I'll be shipping that project out later this week. Wish I could deliver it in person.

On Friday I joined a couple of friends (Kathy and Regan) for a FART (Fabric Acquisition Road Trip). We ventured south to E.E.Schenk's Spring Trends Show in Portland, Oregon. E.E. Schenk is a major distributor to fabric shops. They also have several exclusive fabric lines. For the Trends show the company opened up the warehouse for their business customers (I was representing my friend's business, and another friend, who is a longarmer came along as well). They were awesome hosts! We even got a free box lunch for coming!

I gotta say that it was pure heaven. In my "sewing lifetime" I've visited two distrbutors (Checker Distributors and E.E.Schenk) and I've been in pure heaven strolling both places.

We were greeted at E.E. Schenk by tons of super-friendly staff! We're talking the genuine kind of friendly! Then we went to town strolling the aisles. Imagine a place the size of two Costcos just full of sewing stuff! One side was notions, books, and patterns. The other side was bolt goods, thread, giftware, and more notions. Yes, I wore my running shoes. LOL!

My big score -- Four Serenity Jelly rolls, and some stuff from Yoko Saito's english language designs. 
(I have her newest book arriving today from Amazon. Can't wait to dig in! Look for a review coming soon.)

Clean up on Aisle 15 -- Japanese Taupes!
I think it was aisle 15 that was my favorite. E.E. Schenk's new Serenity Line. That's their exclusive Japanese Taupe fabric line. Ohmytaupelovinggravy, those fabrics were sooo beautiful! And if I had some serious money to burn, I would have purchased bolts upon bolts of the stuff. I settled for four jelly rolls. (Two light, one medium, and one dark). That way I could enjoy bits and pieces from all the selections!

My friend Kathy picked up several bolts to supplement her already awesome taupe collection and will be posting more FQ bundles in her Etsy Shop. And like I've been saying, be on a lookout for this trend of Japanese Taupes to hit the quilting scene big time. Especially with all the new books being released by Stitch Publications (one of which will arrive to my hot little hands from Amazon today -- yay!).

Kathy also bought a flat fold bundle of cute black and white prints. Yesterday she cut me some selections from those, so look out for those in her Etsy Shop as well. Arent' those fun?

Sister's Fabric in Chehalis, WA
Next Stop was Sister's Fabric Shop in Chehalis, WA. I have to day that this was the friendliest shop I've been into ever! And that's saying a lot! The ladies there got a huge kick about our trip acronym FART (Fabric Acquisition Road Trip). And we timed this stop just right. They were having a huge anniversary sale. I'm hoping they call one of us this week to let us know we won the huge basket of quilting goodies they were giving away. (I can dream, can't I?)

My score from Sister's Fabric in Chehalis
and a book I got from E.E.Schenk
(awesome block reference book!)

I scored some civil war-looking brights for Civil Unrest project I blogged about earlier. Kate, my Aussie quilt mom suggested using the brighter colors like poison green, cheddar and the like to make it really skippy.  I love that idea. Hence, my score on this. Sisters also had this cute little strip bundle of assorted lights, so I scooped those up as well. So these will go toward the traditional Civil Unrest project.

Side note: You will hear more about the Civil Unrest project in the coming days. I've already started pulling fabrics for both the modern and traditional versions. (yay!) I'm waiting for some special rulers to come in to help me with the flying geese and square in a square blocks. Then I'll start cutting for this one.

That about sums up my shopping. It suffices to say that I spent the least compared to my fellow car-mates. That is usually a feat in itself. I'm usually the one spending the most. But these two ladies have businesses to run, so I guess I was on par with them.

Yup. So much for that New Year resolution.. LOL!


Jeanna said...

I would love to come along on a trip like that, come to think of it, I would love to win the lottery first so I could get whatever I wanted. As long as I'm at it, I would also love to wake up tomorrow and find that I have lost 30 lbs. Sigh. I'll just admire your beautiful new fabrics!

andsewon said...

What an awesome shopping trip!!Seems like all the fun places and shops are all on the west coast! boo hoo.